Super Raffle

So what's the difference between a lottery and a super raffle? Well, both are a game of chance and often both are played with numbers but there are general differences. Lotteries usually allow players to choose their own individual numbers whereas raffles usually come with an allocated code. Lotteries can also rollover, having no winner but for every raffle ticket that is sold, the same number goes into the draw so a raffle always has a winner. Knowing that it's easy to see why many lottery companies hold super raffles; raffles with the power of a sizeable lottery jackpot but one that has to be won.

Often these super raffle draws run alongside the traditional lottery draws, giving players a chance to win a jackpot and a guaranteed chance to win a super raffle prize at the same time.

For instance, the Euromillions Lottery runs across nine European countries, but three of these countries; Portugal, Ireland and the UK run their own super raffle draws alongside the usual Euromillions draws, giving players from that country alone a guaranteed chance to win a prize. The Irish Lottery also runs it's own super raffle – the Millionaire Raffle weekly alongside its traditional Irish Lottery draw.

Super Raffles for Special Occasions

Many state lotteries in the US hold super raffles regularly for special occasions such as the Thanksgiving Super Raffle from the Oregon Lottery and the almost monthly super raffles from the Michigan Lottery.

Super raffles can be found running alongside lottery draws all around the world, they are integral to boosting sales and keeping lottery players excited and with a guaranteed prize every single super raffle, there's plenty to get excited about!

If your own country's lottery doesn't run super raffle draws alongside the standard lottery draw then, thanks to the power of the Internet you can now play many lottery draws and super raffles around the world online. It's often easier than going to your local store with lottery tickets and super raffle tickets available with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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